Matka 2020 Workshop Day

15.01.2020 Helsinki

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January 15, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Helsinki, Finland
Messukeskus, Hall 5
746 Participants

Requirements, Registration, Cancellation policy



Supplier profiles will be prepopulated with info from Matka 2020 exhibitor database, and all suppliers will receive a prepopulated link to complete their profile. Therefore publishing of Supplier profiles is subject to confirmed exhibitor status in Matka 2020 and completed order of Matka 2020 Workshop Day participation. Last day to enter profiles: 31 December 2019. Please note though that calendars will be partially opened for meeting scheduling already on 3 December.


Buyer participation is for tour operators, travel agents and distribution channels who are looking for new products and destinations and are involved in initiating or authorizing purchasing decisions on travel-related products and services. Last day to enter profiles: 7 January 2020. Please note that travel and stay expenses are on your own expense unless you are not participating a hosted buyer programme.


While Matka Workshop Day is for travel industry companies, we also welcome to the event international media from relevant markets representing travel or finance sectors. Media are welcome to observe Matka Workshop Day or book meetings. However, please note that most participants prioritize meetings with buyers and suppliers, and may not have a chance to meet with media representatives during the event. Last day to enter profiles: 7 January 2020. Please note that travel and stay expenses are on your own expense.

Matka event for bloggers
Influencer Exchange will take place at Matka Nordic Travel Fair also in 2020. We want you to meet the best travel influencers of the Nordics, no matter if you are looking for content on Instagram, YouTube or blogs. Out of the bloggers who have accredited themselves for MATKA, we will select the top professional content creators to join this exclusive event. The event will consist of short pre-booked meetings so you can meet with all the relevant content creators. More information about the event will follow, but put the time already in your calendar: Thursday, 16 January 2020, 13:30 - 15:30.

For more information and to apply, please contact Ms Eva Kiviranta in Matka communications:

Event Partners

Only for Finnair and Visit Finland personnel, who do not have a sales table in the event. Last day to enter profiles: 7 January 2020.


Entry for accepted, pre-registered participants only. No registration available at the event venue. 

You can register in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your company data
  2. Enter data for the person participating
  3. Enter information about the service you  are looking for.
    Only Buyers and Event Partners can register here.
    SUPPLIER: Registration is closed. Welcome as a Supplier in Matka 2021 Workshop Day on 20 January 2021! 
    MEDIA: Registration is closed. 

All profiles will be checked before being published on the web page. If important information is missing we will contact you. The organizer has the right to reject any application if the profile does not meet with the participation requirements.

Validation emails will come from the address: We recommend to add it to 'Safe senders' list, so that you will not lose any info emails.

The calendars will be opened in two phases. As of 3 December 2019, you can schedule up to 15 meetings for Matka Workshop Day, and freely for Matka fair days Thursday - Friday. As of 7 January, you can schedule the rest of the meetings for Matka Workshop Day. 

The registration is closed.

Cancellation policy


The exhibitor shall have the right to cancel the participation in Matka Workshop Day within seven (7) days of receiving confirmation from the Organizer, if participation has been confirmed together with Matka stand. If the Workshop Day participation has been purchased in eMessukeskus, cancellation is possible withing seven (7) days of the order date. Requests for cancellation of participation must be made in writing. Additional information and the General Terms of participation of the Finnish Fair Corporation at: >> Info >> Terms and feedback

Buyers, Media, Event Partners

Time is valuable for all of us. If you are unable to attend, please inform us as soon as possible at:, or: 

In case of no-show you will not be able to apply participation in the coming Matka Workshop Days.